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Rotator Cuff Facts

Your shoulder has an incredible range of motion, but this means that it is also very prone to injury. The shoulder …

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Torn ACL? Know your Options.

Did you just slide into home base like a maniac and something went pop? On the Volleyball Team at school …

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Protecting Your Joints

Did you know that the cartilage that cushions your joints can break down just like the tires on your car get …

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Move Like You Used to-Need a New Hip or Physical Therapy?

Chronic pain in your back, leg, or hip can be a sign you might need  physical therapy or a hip …

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More than Amazing Surgeons

Onsite Physical Therapists Helping Relieve Your Pain Here at Ortho Louisville we are more than amazing surgeons and total joint …

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Welcome to the Future of Knee Replacement

We are pleased to announce our latest technological advantage- The ROSA Robot Navigated Total Knee Replacement System. This robotic advantage …

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